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Hey whats up?

2011-03-24 17:50:51 by HolyPeanuts

Everything going well, yeah?

Hey whats up?


2011-02-10 21:26:19 by HolyPeanuts

How are you?

Made a blog

2011-01-27 01:25:41 by HolyPeanuts

So I made a stupid blog thing. I WONDER IF I WILL EVER UPDATE IT, I DOUBT IT.

Here it is.

Personal Space Invader

2010-11-19 19:51:11 by HolyPeanuts

Welcome to this world have as much fun as you would like
While helping others have as much fun as you're having
Be kind to those you love
And be kind to those you don't
But for God's sake you gotta be kind
And respectful because we're all one soul
Be the best fucking human that you can be!

To you.

2010-10-03 15:11:55 by HolyPeanuts

STRANGER! If you, passing, meet me, and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me?
And why should I not speak to you?


2010-09-29 00:19:19 by HolyPeanuts

How goes it children?


2010-09-06 19:17:28 by HolyPeanuts

Well folks I am going down to St. James Infirmary.

Fuck, I am really liking these Gogol Bordello guys.

Whoa man.

2010-02-10 18:05:07 by HolyPeanuts

Whoa man.

Whoa man.

2010-02-01 12:02:33 by HolyPeanuts

Whoa man.